Who is Eligible for the Sunny Parks Rewards Program?

The Sunny Perks Rewards program is available to individuals who are at least 18 years of age.

What Does it Cost to Participate in the Sunny Perks Rewards Program?

There are no membership fees associated with joining or participating in the Sunny Perks Rewards program.

How Do I Earn Sunny Perks Rewards Points?

There are several companies that appreciate your loyalty by awarding you Sunny Perks Rewards points. Presently, these companies include CX Orlando Market Research and Revenue ArchitectSM, Original Orlando ToursSM, Big Deal PassTM, AmeriVoicesSM, Sunny’s OutpostTM and Sunny’s MarketplaceSM (launching 12/1/18). For more specific information about each company and the ways to earn points, go to the WAYS TO EARN tab above or to each company’s individual website.

Can I Earn Points on the Purchase of Gift Cards?

Gift card purchases with any participating Sunny Perks Rewards affiliated company do not earn points.

How Many Points Do I Need for a Redemption?

Redemption levels vary by item. Redemption items, and even redemption point levels, may vary from time to time. Keep checking back to see what is available.

What Can I Redeem My Points For?

Check out the green button on top of the home page at www.SunnyPerks.com to see a list of the current items available for redemption of your Sunny Perks Rewards points.

These items will vary often, but can include free or discounted tours in Orlando, vacation passes around the country, discounted or free admission tickets for attractions, movie tickets and other merchandise and prizes.

Can I Redeem My Points for Cash?

Sunny Perks Rewards points accumulated under the are promotional and have no cash value.Therefore you can not redeem them for cash.

When Do My Points Expire?

Sunny Perks Rewards reserves the right to terminate an SPR account if the account has been inactive for 24 months. Inactive means that no SPR points have been earned. If the account is terminated, all points will be forfeited and considered expired.

With a number of ways to easily earn points, including non-cash ways through AmeriVoicesSM, it is not difficult to keep your Sunny PerksTM account active!

When are Points Credited to my Account?

Some Sunny Perks Rewards points are allocated as soon as earned; others earned in any month are applied to your Sunny Perks Rewards account in the next month, typically by the fifth (5th) business day, depending on the company that you earned them through. You can track your points and rewards by logging into your Rewards Account History.

Can I Combine the Points in My Account with a Friend's Account?

Sunny Perks Reward accounts may not be combined and you may only hold one account in your name.

I'm Coming to Orlando for a Vacation...How Do I Earn Points for a Tour?

Original Orlando Tours is the first large scale private tour company in Orlando. Unlike typical operators that shoehorn 50 strangers into a coach bus, Original Orlando Tours are smaller groups 3 – 12, offer many additional benefits and pick you up at your hotel.

While Original Orlando Tours does offer adventures to the well-known Orlando attractions, the company is the pioneer of sweeping guests away to other lesser known, but terrifically fun, exciting or breath-taking sites and attractions throughout the Central Florida area.

If you are not one of the 70 million people going to Orlando this year, but you have a friend or relative who is, tell them to mention your name and they may be able to accrue you points!

Visit www.OriginalOrlando.com for all tour information!

I See That I can Earn Points by Completing Mystery Shop Evaluations for CX Orlando. Is Mystery Shopping Legitimate Though?

Absolutely! Mystery shopping as a form of market research has existed for almost 80 years now and most every major brand that you know of probably uses mystery shopping as part of its customer experience strategy.

CX Orlando is an active member of MSPA Americas, the industry’s trade association, with long term representation on the Americas board as well as the MSPA Global Board of Directors.

To learn more about being a mystery shopper, or to sign up and earn on-going Sunny Parks Rewards, go to www.cxorlando.com.

I am an Evaluator with CX Orlando, and I Just Took an Original Orlando Tour. Will My Points Be in Separate Accounts or Together?

You may only have one Sunny Perks Rewards account, but don’t worry: your points from all companies participating in the program will deposit into that account. Some companies will deposit points automatically on purchase or participation; others will post by the 5th business day of the following month.